10 top tips for great charity web copy

In web writing, every word counts. Not only do you have less space than on the printed page, but you need to use just the right words to make your website attractive to search engines.

Here are my 10 top tips for writing great web copy:

1. Think about who is going to be reading your website and write with them in mind. You only have a short time to grab the readers’ attention, so they need to know immediately that your words are relevant to them.

2. Use short sentences. Longer ones will have to flow over two, three or more lines when being read online.

3. Use lots of sub headings to break up long chunks of text. Try to restrict yourself to three words per sub head.

4. Bullet points are useful to outline your ideas quickly. But use a maximum of five at a time. For longer lists, use numbers.

5. Only use one idea per paragraph, and keep paragraphs short.

6. Use 400 words maximum for any web page. Think about introducing more pages, rather than forcing readers to endlessly scroll down.

7. Instead of repeating information, fill your copy with links to elsewhere on the site. That’s how people use the web and it’ll make your site more search engine friendly.

8. Links to other websites will also help increase your Google visibility.

9. Fill your copy with the key words and key phrases that people might search for to find you. These will make your page more likely to appear in searches. If you are a youth charity you may want to have the words “troubled teenager” or “unhappy teenager” occur frequently in your pages. You might not use those terms as an organisation, but that might be what people search for.

10. It only takes one click to keep or lose a web reader. So, at the end of your article, give readers somewhere else to go on your site. Think of an action, like to donate, sign a petition or download more information, then offer them the action before they go elsewhere.

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