Anthony Nolan

Anthony Nolan

Anthony Nolan finds donors for people with blood cancers or disorders in need of potentially life-saving bone marrow or stem cell transplants. In spring 2013, I wrote/edited all the copy (more than 80,000 words) for the charity’s new website.

The challenge
To write/edit more than 80,000 words of copy for all sections of Anthony Nolan’s new website, with many different aims in mind, including:

  • To encourage 16-30 year olds to sign up to Anthony Nolan’s stem cell/bone marrow donor register
  • To encourage pregnant women to donate their umbilical cord blood, rich in stem cells
  • To persuade people to fundraise for, volunteer for and donate to Anthony Nolan
  • To encourage corporates and trusts to work with Anthony Nolan
  • To provide expert, yet sensitive and friendly, advice, information and reassurance for people with blood cancer, people preparing for transplants and for people chosen as donors
  • To provide information for scientists on Anthony Nolan’s research work

I met with each team at Anthony Nolan, from fundraising to corporate partnerships, to take a detailed brief for their section. I then wrote first and second drafts for their approval on a tight timescale.

I very much enjoyed working with Anthony Nolan’s powerful message that by joining the register – or supporting the charity – someone could, directly, save the life of a person with blood cancer or a blood disorder.

The result
Strong copy that met Anthony Nolan’s needs in terms of tone, language and content, compelling readers to take action.

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