Drinkaware web features and factsheets

Drinkaware is the UK’s leading alcohol awareness charity, tasked with changing the population’s attitudes and habits towards drinking

As a writer/editor at ngo.media, I regularly wrote web features and medical factsheets for the organisation.

The challenge
To come up with ideas for and write features to convey Drinkaware’s very specific key messages to many different audiences, from students to over-50s. Every article had to present the facts about alcohol in an engaging format, yet strike a friendly, non judgemental tone.

Producing the medical factsheets involved researching and putting together simple, yet impactful, copy about how alcohol affects different aspects of health.

The impact
Web copy that engages readers with Drinkaware’s key messages and ultimately compels them to change their behaviour.

Below are links to just a few of the features and factsheets I’ve written for Drinkaware.

Alcohol and pancreatitis factsheet

Alcohol and diabetes factsheet

Alcohol and pregnancy factsheet

Is alcohol harming your fertility? feature

Beating your beer belly feature

How does alcohol affect your sleep? feature

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