Palm Oil Scorecard, Soy Scorecard and other work

Clearing land to grow palm oil and soy is a major cause of deforestation in Asia and South America. WWF’s high profile Palm Oil Scorecard and Soy Scorecard rate major global companies on how much sustainable palm oil and soy they use.

WWF launched new versions of both communications in 2016, including microsites and printed reports. I co-ordinated both projects, which involved editing copy for the microsites and reports, managing the work of a graphic design and digital agency on the design of both, and working with WWF teams in four countries. I also helped produce the previous editions of both Scorecards in 2013 and 2014.

See my work

You can see the microsites and reports at palmoilscorecard.panda.org and soyscorecard.panda.org

Other work for WWF

I’ve been working with WWF, in the UK and internationally, since 2008, on everything from magazine and website copy, to managing the production of reports.