You may have fantastic copy. Great design. But without good project management, your project can end up past deadline, beyond budget and a giant headache for you and your team.

I am a skilled digital and editorial project manager.

  • I can co-ordinate and manage content for your new website, from researching what content your users need and want, to creating sitemaps and writing, editing and proofreading the content itself. I am used to working in agile teams, with developers and agencies, co-creating content with key stakeholders in organisations, managing other writers and editors, and training others in digital skills so they can work effectively as part of a hub and spoke model.
  • I am also very experienced in managing the production of printed publications, from coming up with creative ideas, right the way through to design, photography and print – on time, on brand and on budget. I can set and put into practice detailed timescales for projects, building in windows for feedback from all relevant people; manage design and print; commission and manage photography; and manage proofreading.

I am plugged into a network of the third sector’s very best writers, designers, proofreaders, photographers, digital agencies and printers. If your project requires it, I will bring on board and manage others to create excellent final product.

Looking for someone to take a project off your hands? Contact me now.