You’ve been slaving away producing a publication for months. Now the writing’s great. The design is fantastic. So you press print on thousands of copies.

And then you discover there’s a whopping great mistake on page one.

You can make sure this never happens to you by using a professional proofreader.

I can spot a word on its own at the end of a line, a misplaced apostrophe or a spelling mistake a mile off.

I can check final proofs of your document for spelling and grammar errors, consistency, awkward phrasing and layout mistakes, marking up documents by hand with proofreading marks, making a list of changes or using PDF sticky notes. I can work directly with designers and printers to make amendments.

Whether it’s a short brochure or a huge report you need proofread, I promise to whip it into perfect shape.

Contact me now to discuss your proofreading needs.